Procedure of Writing a Dissertation

The importance of writing a dissertation in the academic world is essential. A quality dissertation project needs months for research work since marks count in your educational journey. If a candidate demonstrates the ability to do independent research in their field of study and finally presents findings that fill gaps in the existing literature, it improves employability. Though the process of writing a dissertation demands efforts and time, you should not bow your head to the pressure and scaremongering. In this article, we present a comprehensive procedure for writing a dissertation, which might serve as a means to assist you with the tasks you are doing for your Ph.D., Masters, or even undergraduate.

What is a dissertation?

A dissertation is a lengthy academic writing piece for a particular subject, particularly for earning a degree from a University or a College. To ease understanding a dissertation, one needs to be conversant with a thesis or an essay’s methodology. A dissertation is the same as an essay but includes information and research at a deeper level. All Ph.D., postgraduate, and undergraduate students in the United Kingdom get obligated to submit a dissertation project that adds value to the academic community.

Difference between thesis and dissertation

In general, both terms get used interchangeably globally but can vary between regions and Universities. The significant difference comes in when both are complete. Thesis projects demarcate the end of degree programs, while dissertation may occur during the degree program. It does not matter if it is a Ph.D., Masters, or bachelor’s dissertation that one is currently working on since the structure is similar, and the steps of doing research are identical in all the cases. One exception is that doctoral papers are complex and detailed. 

Challenges students go through when authoring a dissertation.

If you do not write a dissertation, then be ready to face turbulence and troubles. Even genius students face challenges at this stage of their study. Dissertation writing is not like any essay writing since it has a unique structure underpinning scientific investigation or inquiry. The following are challenges that students face while working on their dissertation projects.

  • Lack of project planning: This involves delays in starting the dissertation paper. The majority of the students think they have adequate time to complete the research and write the report.
  • Insufficient research skills: In the absence of research skills, a dissertation’s writing becomes an uphill task to climb. Writing a dissertation is more than collecting some relevant reference materials.
  • Failing to meet strict academic writing standards. Failing to follow formatting guidelines, structure, style, and language provided by the institution or school when writing a dissertation project may make matters worse.

Stages for writing a dissertation

  • They were getting a manageable and exciting research topic. A well-defined topic is a requirement to conduct a successful research project. An exciting and manageable topic will yield authentic research work hence a higher academic score. Candidates get to choose their dissertation research topics, unlike assignments and essays. The research topic does not need to be narrow or broad.
  • Develop dissertation proposal: Once a student selects a research topic, the next step is to create a dissertation research proposal. The proposal aims to convince the committee members or supervisor of the advantages of the research proposal. You need to prove that your research work will add value to the request’s scientific and academic communities.
  • Data collection, research, and investigation: In the dissertation writing process, this essential part. Avoid using irrelevant and outdated academic sources that do not add value to the body of knowledge. Getting highly authentic and relevant reference resources is the secret to succeeding in writing a dissertation project. Therefore, you do not need to rush the process of academic research.
  • Writing flawless dissertation: Once your research proposal goes through, do not waste time, and embark on your research work immediately. Writing the dissertation will define the mark you will earn in the long run and even whether you will graduate or not. You will need a sober mind and logical analysis of data, and correct interpretations.
  • Edit, proofread and improve your manuscript: This stage comes right after writing all your dissertation sections. Before you begin, you will need to reboot and focus your creative mind on seeing your ideas from a fresh perspective. If time allows, you can get a second or a third eye to look at your work and provide positive criticism. At the end of this stage, you will eliminate factual, spelling, and grammar errors.

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