Auteur Releases

How to install

fedora screenshot We have prebuilt packages for
see below for links.

Your distro not listed? Don't worry installing from source is trivial.

Packagers for other distros - please get in touch with us, and we'll add the package to this page.

Ubuntu users

ubuntu screenshot (lucid and maverick only) can get the latest packages by subscribing to Neil Wallace's PPA.

~$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rowinggolfer/ppa
~$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install auteur


Download the latest source tarball, extract it, navigate to the new directory and (as root) execute the following command.

~# python install


VERSION Version 0.1a7 - released Tuesday 8th Feb 2011

Lots of regression bugs fixed (especially video controls)

VERSION Version 0.1a6 - released Monday 7th Feb 2011

Still images can be incorporated into the timeline.

VERSION Version 0.1a5 - released Wednesday 2nd Feb 2011

Vertical Clips Widget (if preferred)

VERSION Version 0.1a4 - released Tuesday 1st Feb 2011

Bugfix! Timeline wasn't updating correctly.

VERSION Version 0.1a3 - released Tuesday 1st Feb 2011

This version adds functionality to the "wizard", which will hopefully be of use to new users.

VERSION Version 0.1a2 - released Tuesday 1st Feb 2011

VERSION Version 0.1a1 - released Monday 31 Jan 2011